Rob didn’t know he wanted to be a lawyer right away – in fact, during his undergraduate studies at North Park University, he thought he would become a pastor or doctor. His motivation to help others in the community was always a high priority. Yet, it was only after feeling the influence of two family members who were alumni of John Marshall Law School that Rob followed in their footsteps and found his true calling in the law.

Clerking in a firm’s workers’ compensation department provided Rob with the experience of real-life cases and the human-oriented interaction he craved. Soon after, he had the opportunity to clerk for the Cook County State’s Attorney, where he gained experience handling bench trials and arguing motions.

Today, as an Associate at Gordon Gordon & Centracchio, Rob is highly passionate about representing our clients in complex personal injury cases. Rob views the law as leveling the playing field while he acts as the equalizer and strong voice for our clients. He is that rare breed of attorney who knows how to check his bias and ego at the door, with a humble approach that sees every client as a true equal worthy of respect.


  • The John Marshall Law School, Chicago, Illinois
  • North Park University

Past Positions

  • Cook County State’s Attorney

Professional Associations

  • Illinois Trial Lawyers Association
  • American Association for Justice

Current Employment Position

  • Associate