Dangerous Products: Your Options As An Injured Consumer

When you buy a product, whether in a store or online, you expect it to work properly. You do not expect that product to cause serious harm to you. However, companies may fail to properly design and test their products to ensure that they are safe.

Consumers have the right to seek justice and compensation when a company is negligent. Gordon Gordon & Centracchio, dedicates its practice to protecting injured clients throughout Illinois. With extensive experience in personal injury law as well as consumer lawsuits, we can fight on your side.

Not All Defective Products Are Recalled Quickly Enough

Products can be dangerous in a variety of ways. For example, a child’s toy might break into small pieces too easily, which become a choking hazard. Alternatively, a product might pose a chemical risk, poison risk, fire hazard or another danger.

While any product can be defective, certain products are susceptible to serious defects, including:

  • Cars and automotive parts, such as air bags, seat belts or breaks
  • Infant toys, strollers, cribs and baby food
  • Large furniture, such as dressers, TVs and shelving units, which often pose risks of tipping, falling or collapsing unless properly anchored
  • Kitchen and food equipment, such as grills and microwaves
  • Cleaning solutions, medication and other chemical products

When manufacturers or the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issue a recall, they acknowledge that a product is too dangerous for the market. A recall is a formal request for consumers to return or repair the product for their own safety. Usually, the company will pay for repairs and refunds.

However, many companies do not recall products until someone suffers a major injury or death. If you use a product appropriately and it injures you or your child, we can hold the company accountable. Our attorneys will examine all evidence, including a product’s labels, design flaws, manufacturing defects and other issues.

Review The Possible Outcomes Of A Claim

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