Injuries On Dangerous Property Need Attention

It is easy to think that if you trip and hurt yourself, it must be your fault. However, in certain situations, it might not be your fault. Instead, your injury could have been prevented if the property owner took the proper steps to keep you safe.

Just because it seems like nobody directly hurt you does not mean that you are responsible. At Gordon Gordon & Centracchio, we use our knowledge of the law to hold property owners accountable when their actions allowed an injury to happen. If you suffered a serious injury on someone else’s property, we can help you assess your claim.

Negligence Is Key In Premises Liability Cases

Because the possible dangers on a property are nearly limitless, there are many different types of premises liability cases, such as:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents: Wet or icy floors at shopping malls, pools, water parks, restaurants and other places can pose a danger to visitors. Property owners need to warn guests of potential hazards through wet floor signs and other notices.
  • Elevator and escalator accidents: Malfunctioning or poorly designed elevators and escalators can cause serious injuries and death. Property owners must maintain and repair them as necessary.
  • Drowning accidents: Whether the drowning occurred at a public pool or a private pool, the property owner might be liable. For example, they may be liable for the death of a young child who could access the pool – even if the child was not invited.
  • Negligent security cases: Some property owners need to think ahead about the dangers that guests could impose on each other. Owners of bars, clubs and apartment buildings, for example, may require adequate security to promote safety and avoid injuries.

These cases require an individualized approach, which is why our lawyers take the time to learn the specifics of every case. For example, a child’s injury at an amusement park due to malfunctioning rides could involve different evidence and laws from a case involving an assault at a bar.

However, all types of premises liability cases call for an attentive, assertive lawyer. Gordon Gordon & Centracchio can aggressively pursue full compensation for you.

Our Mission Is To Get You Results

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