Helping Injured First Responders Get Fair Compensation

  • You’re a firefighter injured on a call. Now you’re getting the runaround on surgery paid for by the village.
  • You’re a police officer battling debilitating pain caused in the line of duty. But you’re being told that you need to work through it for now.
  • You’re a sheriff’s deputy recently injured in a courtroom scuffle doing your job to protect other people. Now you’re finding that the county disputes the severity of your injuries.

You rush in to keep people out of harm’s way without any thought to your own body. It’s what a first responder does. So you shouldn’t have to worry about the financial risk you carry as a result of your personal injuries. Yet we continually see cases of firefighters and officers in law enforcement who are facing roadblocks instead of fair compensation.

Gordon Gordon & Centracchio, takes up workers’ compensation and personal injury cases for first responders like yourself across Cook County and beyond. Don’t wait and don’t suffer with your injuries.

Talk to our firm now about your legal options so that you have a greater chance of performing the job you love on your terms that much sooner. To arrange for a free consultation, call Gordon Gordon & Centracchio today at 312-332-5200312-332-5200.